MEC Monday: Three Nations Skype-a-thon challenge


For this week's MEC Monday blog post, we are of course going to take another look at the global #Skypeathon that starts tomorrow, and see some of the different ways you can get involved!

Last year students and educators all over the world travelled millions of virtual miles together, as they connected via Skype to other classrooms, and more about their languages, cultures, weather, geography, and so much more. There is still time for your school to join in this fantastic event, and some extra special unique elements for UK participants to explore…

Microsoft Educator Community UK: Three Nations Skype-a-thon challenge

Teachers in Wales, Scotland and England: Take part in our challenge with your school and classroom to be part of an unforgettable journey!

Take a look at the Sway to find out more about how to get involved, and watch the video featuring Microsoft Teacher Ambassadors Kevin Sait and Natalie Burgess to learn more about the challenge:

If you have never used Skype in the Classroom before the Quick Start guide in the Sway will give you the simple steps to get started.

You can find more information the Three Nations Challenge and global #Skypeathon on the Microsoft Educator Community.

If you aren’t yet a member of the MEC, then it is free and easy to do so. Just head to and click on the ‘JOIN NOW’ button in the top right hand corner to get started.

If you’ve missed any previous posts in our MEC Monday series, we have so far covered:

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