#MIEExpert-led Webinars – December 2016 Schedule

With festive-themed adverts from high street shops and household name brands appearing across television, radio, billboards, social media, and every other conceivable medium, there's no denying that it's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas… But there's still plenty of teaching and learning to be done before everyone takes a well-earned break over the holidays!

As well as the obvious treats of the season, December brings with it more MIEExpert webinars!

So regardless of whether you've been naughty or nice this year, all are welcome and encouraged to register for any and all of the sessions below. Don't worry if you can't make it on the day - these will all be recorded and available after the live session, so sign up anyway to be emailed details of the content at a later date.

December Webinar Schedule

Paul Watkins - The Innovative Educator's Swiss Army Knife - the MEC

(Thur 1st Dec 2016)

Join Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Paul Watkins, teacher at Microsoft Showcase School Ysgol Bae Baglan, to explore the Microsoft Educator Community. He'll speak from his own experiences about what the MEC provides to educators, its benefits and the invaluable role that it can play in personal and whole school CPD.  He will also share with you a number of ways in which you can encourage others to join too.

Alex Handy - Champagne and chocolates:  The fun way to launch Office 365

(Thur 1st Dec 2016)

A practical look at how to launch Office 365 within a school, with the focus on how to attain authentic buy in and engagement. The aim should always be to enable teachers to teach more effectively by tailoring the technology to their needs and styles of teaching. In this webinar, MIEExpert Alex Handy looks at how to do this and make it enjoyable!

Stuart Ayres - A Teachers Guide to Microsoft Products

(Thur 8th Dec 2016)

In this webinar we will be looking at a guide of things I wish Id known. After just setting up as a brand new school, and issuing Surface devices to every child and every teacher, you learn a thing or two! MIEExpert Stuart Ayres will be sharing his knowledge and skills, reflecting his experiences, including what needs to be in place, how the devices should be set up (Win10, new install, suppliers and support), issuing to teachers, setting up Office 365 accounts & training teachers and students to use OneNote.

John Cowell - A "BBC micro:bit“ Computer Science Christmas project

(Mon 12th Dec 2016)

Join MIEExpert John Cowell to see how the BBC micro:bit can be used in the classroom. During this webinar John will give a brief overview of the micro:bit itself for anyone who is unfamiliar, before going into greater detail on the part it plays in the Computer Science Christmas Project. This will include and introduction to the analysis phase of the project where students will use the web to search for Christmas decorations (electronic), a demonstration the code that several of the students have written for the project, and an explanation of the coding process that happens in the classroom. Finally a short video of the students coding and an example of the Sway they made to introduce their decoration and show of their work others will complete the presentation, which is followed by a short Q&A.

Boxing Day Lunch

If movies such as Home Alone, Love Actually, Die Hard and The Great Escape have taught us anything, it's that Christmas is also a time for revisiting old classics! All of our previously run webinars have been recorded and are available on-demand. Just click any of the links below to access the recordings!

Natalie Burgess - Teaching modern languages using Office 365

Anna Kellner - Using OneNote Learning Tools to support children with additional learning requirements.

Jennifer King - MIE Trainers Programme Connection Call

Darren Currie - Teaching Citizenship and History through Minecraft

David Touretzsky - Using Kodu to Teach Reasoning About Programs

Paul Dredge - Light up your classroom with Sway

Stephen Richards - Computing across the curriculum with BBC micro:bits


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