Finding the right devices for education

When looking for suitable and affordable devices for education, there are many factors to consider. Whether you are a post-grad researcher looking for a powerful personal laptop, a parent wishing to provide your child with a 2-in-1 device for further education, or indeed a head teacher needing to equip classes or an entire school with portable devices suitable for education, there are plenty of options to navigate.

There are also many different learning scenarios that a device may be required to support, so when choosing a device for personal use or school-wide rollout, it’s good to know what it can and can't do, and in which scenarios it will be useful.

To help parents, teachers and students find the devices with the necessary functionality and that fall within your budget, the device finder on the Microsoft Education website will quickly refine your options.

Easy and efficient to use, the device finder helps to narrow your search criteria by letting you specify the age range of the intended user, whether or not local storage is preferred to the cloud, if touchscreen and inking capabilities are desirable, and finally what your budget is.

At each stage of the decision path you can see how many devices are available, and what the starting price is:


Here's an example of how to narrow your search by choosing:

  • Any Windows 10 device
  • To be used by Year 12-13 students
  • Storing files mainly on the cloud
  • With touchscreen and inking capabilities
  • Under £500


Once you finalise your choices you can then see the filtered results, and learn more about the individual devices that match your criteria:


To find the your perfect devices for education, try the device finder now.

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