Register for the Global Education #Skypeathon – November 29th & 30th


Next month sees the return of the hugely popular Skype-a-thon! Last year, teachers and students from all around the world covered over 3 million 'virtual miles' during the 48 hour global event, and this year we're hoping to beat that record!

There are a number of ways in which you and you students can take part in the Global Education Skype-a-thon on November 29th and 30th, with thousands of activities available through the Microsoft Educator Community and Skype in the Classroom. You could talk with an expert guest speaker on a topic your class is studying, have your class can pack their virtual bags for a virtual field trip, or even connect to classrooms in other countries with #Mystery Skype, a global guessing game that teaches kids geography, promotes cultural understanding and broadens perspectives.

For many classrooms, the Skype-a-thon is the first introduction to the world of possibilities that Skype in the Classroom can offer within education, as UK #MIEExpert Paul Watkins demonstrates:

If you'd like to get involved this year, further details of how you can take part in the Global Education Skype-a-thon can be found on the Microsoft in Education blog, as well as a 'Getting started' Sway:

Connect your classroom to the world: Join Microsoft’s global education Skype-a-Thon

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