MEC Monday: GoNoodle Mystery Skype – 27th October / 2nd November

The GoNoodle Mystery Skype will be re-broadcast at 9am on Tuesday November 2nd, for those schools currently on half-term.

Continuing our weekly 'MEC Monday' blog series highlighting courses, activities, badges and more CPD content from the Microsoft Educator Community, we are going to shine a light on the upcoming GoNoodle Mystery Skype taking place on October 27th. If you're unfamiliar with GoNoodle, here's a brief description from the GoNoodle YouTube channel:

GoNoodle videos get kids moving to be their strongest, bravest, silliest, smartest, bestest selves. Over 10 million kids each month are dancing, stretching, running, jumping, deep breathing, and wiggling with GoNoodle.

Hugely popular in US elementary schools, this month's GoNoodle Mystery Skype session is a fantastic opportunity for UK educators and students to get involved for the first time, and also experience Skype in the Classroom.

Click here to learn more about the GoNoodle Mystery Skype on the MEC


The session is built around the following learning objectives:

  • Learn how to play Mystery Skype
  • Hear the new Mystery Skype song for the first time
  • Introduce your students to GoNoodle

Where is GoNoodle's very own Hot Dog going on vacation?!

Join GoNoodle Mystery Skype LIVE on October 27th to find out. We'll also move along to an exclusive Mystery Skype song and dance led by – you guessed it! – GoNoodle's HOT DOG!

To join, simply register via the MEC to receive a link to join the event!

The Sway below contains a little more information about GoNoodle and what steps teachers can take ahead of the Mystery Skype session on October 27th.

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