#MIEExpert Webinar: Using OneNote Learning Tools to support children with additional learning requirements

Following on from last week's webinar about teaching Modern Foreign Languages with Office 365, (hosted by Teacher Ambassador Natalie Burgess), we are pleased to share further details of the next webinar in the series, which is taking place tomorrow:

Using OneNote Learning Tools to support children with additional learning requirements

Click here to register - Wednesday 5th October, 16:00-16:30

In any given class of students, there may well be some learners with individual difficulties. They may be physical impairments related to vision, problems with hearing, or other mental struggles that make it harder for them to understand and engage with different communication mediums or particular aspects of day to day classroom activities. Not only can this be troubling for the individuals affected, but for the teacher whose responsibility it is to make sure all of their students have equal opportunities to develop their learning, keeping the class pace as a whole can become more challenging.


In line with Dyslexia Awareness Week, this webinar hosted by Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Anna Kellner will demonstrate how to use OneNote Learning Tools & Class Notebooks to support students with additional learning requirements. During the half hour session you will be given an overview of how to use the Learning Tools, and a variety of other tips and tricks for using OneNote in your classroom.

Attendees will also receive a voucher code that counts towards personal development badges on the Microsoft Educator Community.


  • Introduction to Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Anna Kellner
  • Using the Learning Tools add-in
  • Using the Class Notebook
  • Other tips in OneNote
  • Introduction to MEC and exclusive voucher code

If you missed last week's webinar on Teaching Modern Languages with Office 365, the recording can be accessed here:

Teacher Ambassador Webinar – Teaching modern languages with Office 365

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