Inspire your students with the 10 jobs of the future

As the barriers of technology are pushed further and further each day, new discoveries and innovations are opening up avenues for entirely new jobs and careers to take shape. In fact, the US Department of Labor [sic] estimates that around 65% of school pupils will move into careers that are yet to be created.

In order to best prepare today's younger generations for this developing employment market, educators need to consider the role that technology and digital skills development will have to play within formal education. Casting our gaze into the future, Microsoft Surface has teamed up with The Future Laboratory to look at the jobs which today’s students will be undertaking by 2025:

Futureproof yourself - the 10 jobs of the future


The jobs that futurologists predict will exist in 2025 range from the cellular level of designing customised human body parts, to guiding tours of abandoned space craft hundreds of miles above the surface of the earth. The link above will give you more detail on each of these as-yet uncreated roles, and you can also find videos about each of them here.

The range of skills required and variety of topics covered will be sure to inspire many a young mind, and give everyone in a classroom something to identify with. Why not create a project for your class based around some of these future jobs?

Let their imaginations run wild!

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