Microsoft Whiteboard for Windows 10 will enable teachers and students to share ideas

The following was originally posted on the Windows Central blog.

Microsoft is currently developing a new Windows 10 PC app, Microsoft Whiteboard, that's being created for the education market. It will be designed to give students and teachers a way to create and collaborate on ideas.

Microsoft Whiteboard

In a post on Microsoft in Education blog, the company revealed the features of the upcoming Whiteboard app:

  • Write and draw naturally – Multiple people can write on Whiteboard at the same time with a digital pen or using their own fingers. Whiteboard is also designed for the big screen which means getting around feels natural on large, interactive whiteboards when connected with a Windows 10 PC.
  • Bring doodles, sketches, and ideas to life – Handwriting and shape recognition is built-in which makes drawing basic shapes and angles a breeze.
  • Create interactive lessons on the big screen – Whiteboard makes it easy to pull in web content, videos, and content from your own library and place them front and center helping keep students engaged.
  • Share and collaborate in real time – Connect Whiteboard with a Collaboration space in OneNote Class Notebook to share content with a whole class and make changes together in real time from the devices you already use. Creating assignments is easy too. With a quick gesture, any text or content can be made into an assignment in Microsoft Classroom. Assignments flow into the learning management system (LMS) you already use when connected with School Data Sync. Students can also access assignments from Microsoft Classroom web and mobile apps.

Microsoft Whiteboard is expected to be released for free in the Windows Store later in 2016.

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  1. DavidGP says:

    Hi Andrew this is a great idea not only for schools but for medical training as in the NHS trust i’m in we have large screens but no easy tool to annotate or make notes, smartboards are notoriously unpredictable as to calibration. One question and a thought is it would be good to have this software app able to be an overlay to whatever is on screen, e.g. for us medical images of the eye, i’d love to be able to annotate from this type of app onto the image, so in a way the whiteboard app to be able to be transparent apart from the drawing tool menus.

    Another idea is if like Office remote you can use a Surface or W10 Phone to control the drawing on the whiteboard that would be good too.


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