Celebrate #WorldTurtleDay with your class using the Microsoft Educator Community

Today is #WorldTurtleDay, and to help you mark the occasion there are some fantastic resources and activities to be found within the Microsoft Educator Community.

Studying wildlife and the natural world is a great way for young children to be introduced to and gain an understanding of a number of different topic areas, from the biological study of the animals themselves, to sustainability and conservation, geography and environmental issues, weather and climate, different cultures around the world, and many more themes and disciplines in between.


Skype in the Classroom, which is a part of the Microsoft Educator community are celebrating World Turtle Day today. You’ll find a selection of virtual field trips, activities from our partners, and Skype Lessons with experts from the other side of the world, all related to these wonderful creatures and the places they inhabit. So if you haven't yet signed up to the MEC (it's free!) and explored all it has to offer, this is great opportunity to try something new, and take a dive into all of the different teacher CPD courses, classroom materials, lesson plans, guest speakers and more.

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World Turtle Day 2

We hope you find a way to incorporate some of our turtle related content into your classroom today, and would love to hear from anyone who is celebrating #WorldTurtleDay with anything from the MEC!

Be sure to reach out to us on Twitter via @microsofteduk, and also our colleagues over at @SkypeClassroom who make all of these wonderful virtual field trips possible.

And wherever you are, enjoy #WorldTurtleDay!

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