Redefining Learning with Northampton Primary Academy Trust – June 22nd

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When the Redefining Learning Tour returns to the midlands in June, teachers and school leaders from the Northampton Primary Academy Trust will be coming together at Abington Vale Primary School to share their thoughts and experiences of how innovation, creativity and digital learning are redefining learning with deeper and richer outcomes.

As a Microsoft Associate Showcase School, Abington Vale will be supported in the delivery of this #RedefineLearn event by Simon de Senlis Primary, which as well as being part of the NPTA is also a Microsoft Global Showcase School. On the day, there will be a number of topics covered including:

Key Note Speakers

Hear from key note speakers on the search for deeper learning in the classroom through innovation, creativity and technology. Explore how schools across the world are creating new visions for 21st Century learning and then making these a reality.

Flipped Learning

Hear from UK experts who are ‘flipping the classroom’ and how this approach is enabling higher order thinking skills, increasing engagement and raising standards.


Hear from experts in the field, observe classes and get hands on with new technologies including Microsoft Surface, Windows 10 and Office 365. See how children across the Northampton Primary Academy Trust are using technology to develop collaboration, communication and other 21st Century Learning skills.

Learning Conversations

Time to talk with children and staff about pedagogies and practice to understand each other's journey and next steps. How can we plan for innovative schools within the current educational context?

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Real impact on students

While the day will focus primarily on the ways school leaders and teachers can move forwards with a digital strategy, it's worth taking a moment to assess the impact that the students themselves feel. Gabriel and Emily-Jane at Simon de Senlis Primary shared their thoughts on what being part of the Microsoft Showcase Schools Programme has done for them:

“Having Microsoft in our school has really helped us develop as learners because using Office 365, all the work that we need is just there!  Uplevelling our work is much easier now because we can use OneNote to get feedback from each other and make improvements. Using SWAY to be creative and show our teachers what's in our mind is also great fun.

With our online work, we have lots of different ways to access support at home when we need it, rather than waiting until Monday comes to ask our teachers for help.

Working with Microsoft, we have had some great opportunities such as  dancing on the stage at the NEC, being interviewed for a global video on YouTube, teaching lots of visitors how to use OneNote and meeting some really cool people from America. We love working with Microsoft at Simon de Senlis!”

Register for Redefining Learning at NPAT on June 22nd

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