Race For The Line – BBC micro:bit Model Rocket Car Competition

Last month saw the official launch of the BBC micro:bit into schools, as one million of the programmable devices began to find their way into the hands of students up and down UK.

As a proud partner of the BBC micro:bit project, we're pleased to share details of an upcoming competition that challenges students to use their micro:bits are part of  wider STEM undertaking.

Race For The Line - BBC micro:bit Model Rocket Car Competition

The BLOODHOUND Project is using a 1,000mph world land speed record attempt to inspire the next generation to enjoy, explore and get involved in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

The project has teamed up with Microsoft to develop its model rocket car programme to integrate micro:bit enabling it to run a schools model rocket car competition.

Sponsorship has been secured to fund 10,000 foam model rocket car kits in the UK. Extra kits are available to order through www.microbitmodelrocketcar.com.

Rocket car kits can be modified by school teams to run faster. This is a great opportunity to get students excited about science, work as a team and get hands on experience of programming and aerodynamics in one of the most fun ways possible. 

There are some fantastic prizes available to the winning teams and their schools, as well as a number of teacher materials that will help you use the BBC micro:bit in your classroom, including a guide for the Rocket Car Challenge.

For more information on Race For The Line, and for competition details, please see the flyer below:

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