Announcing the Microsoft Classroom and Windows 10 updates for Educators

Today we have some exciting announcements for Education, such as the inclusion of the Microsoft Classroom within Office 365 Education, and additional features for educators and students announced for the Windows 10 Anniversary update.

Below you'll find excerpts from both announcements, along with links to the original posts where you will find full details.


Announcing new experiences for teachers and students in Office 365 Education

As part of today’s Microsoft’s Education announcement, we are announcing new and unique experiences and updates to Office 365 Education coming summer 2016* that will make it easier for teachers to manage their classroom; students to learn; and IT administrators to set it all up.

Manage classes in one place with Microsoft Classroom

Office 365 Education now includes Microsoft Classroom, a single experience for managing all classes and assignment workflow—with a teacher and student view.

Microsoft Classroom has a OneNote Class Notebook built into every class, allowing teachers to create assignments with due dates, complete with Outlook calendar events and reminders. The assignments can reference materials from the Class Notebook, Office documents and interactive content. You can create assignments for multiple classes at the same time, easily grade them, or give them private feedback and ask them to resubmit.

Students can receive, complete and submit assignments on their favorite devices, including mobile devices via the Microsoft Classroom app. Throughout the workflow, they have the ability collaborate with classmates in real time within Office documents, online or offline, without worrying about losing formatting.

Click here to read the full post by Erin Megiddo on the Office Blog, and to learn more about the Microsoft Classroom within Office 365 Education.

New Innovations for the Classroom with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

At Build, we announced the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Today, I’m excited to share additional features for educators and students, alongside other education news today from Microsoft. Today, Windows is the leading global platform for K-12 education. Our enduring goal is for Windows to be the best place to learn and the best platform for teaching.

In today’s modern classroom, our teachers face unique technology challenges:

  • Over 90% of schools in the US use shared devices and it can take too long for students to get to work quickly.
  • Nearly 50% of teachers serve as their own tech support in their school classrooms, with unique challenges for set-up, updating devices, and overall ease of use.
  • Nearly 60% of teachers’ purchase and load apps themselves. Today, locating, purchasing and loading apps across shared devices can be very cumbersome.
  • And, over half of the students in the world still don’t have ready access to technology. Of those that do, many are using older, slower systems without the benefits of modern innovation.

At the same time, students have so much to gain from the latest technology tools, increasingly not only as a great way to learn, but also as a requirement for many jobs.

Click here to read the full post by Terry Myerson on the Windows Blog, and learn more about the new features for educators within Windows 10.

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