Choose the right device for your students with the Education Device Finder

There is a huge importance for schools to deliver an immersive and inclusive education experience. Of course the pedagogy is hugely important, but so is the medium through which the staff and students access course materials, collaborate with one another and complete their work. Therefore selecting the right device is a crucial step in delivering a rounded education.

Many schools will need to cater for a variety of different aged students, and so the requirements placed upon the device can also vary greatly in order to fulfil the students' changing needs as they develop as they go through the education system. With a wide range of devices available it can be tricky to select the most versatile or appropriate option. To help make your process of selecting devices as straightforward as possible, Microsoft has created the Education Device Finder.

Ensuring that all students and teachers are provided with an appropriate device will empower them to feel confident using the technology to taking the lead in their teaching and learning, as well as creating and sharing in new ways, and interacting with each other so they can do more and achieve more.

The Microsoft Education Device finder makes it easy to choose the right devices in a matter of seconds by filtering down your device choices based on:

  • The age of the students
  • Price range
  • Whether the device is shared or for induvial use
  • Whether files will be stored locally or on cloud services
  • Whether students will draw directly on the screen (utilising the inking capabilities in the Surface family of devices)

By filtering through these options, the tool narrows down your search from hundreds to a mere handful of devices to make it simple and easy for educators to select the right  devices to suit their student's needs.

For some, a low cost device with internet connectivity allowing them to use Office 365 is all they need for some younger learners, while those looking to spend more on a higher end device with inking capabilities and dual tablet/laptop functionality might be better suited to explore the Surface range.

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