Daily Edventures – #MIEExpert Lee Whitmarsh on OneNote collaboration for photography

This week on Anthony Salcito's Daily Edventures blog is an interview with UK #MIEExpert Lee Whitmarsh. The pair caught up at the recent Microsoft E2 Global Educator Exchange, and here they discuss the collaborative power of OneNote, specifically within the context of artistic subjects.


Lee Whitmarsh

For art educator and new Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (#MIEExpert) Lee Whitmarsh, technology is a means to an important end: helping his students experience art as fully as possible, and in a global context.

I was excited to chat with Whitmarsh at the recent Microsoft E2 Global Educator Exchange in Budapest, after I’d looked at his project using OneNote to support creative collaboration. Here’s a great Office Mix detailing the project, “Creating a Photography A-level Teaching and Learning Hub.”

“OneNote has enabled us to work with different people, different cultures, and just collaborate and share with students what’s going on outside the classroom.” – Lee Whitmarsh, UK

To read the full post by Anthony and to watch their interview video, please click below:

Daily Edventures - Anthony Salcito meets Lee Whitmarsh

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