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On 20th April, another of our Microsoft Showcase Schools is hosting a Redefining Learning Conference. You can register for this free at Fosse Way School in Bath by clicking below:

Redefining Learning Tour: Fosse Way School, Bath

Our Redefining Learning Conferences have been running since October 2015 at our Showcase Schools, and this month at Fosse Way School we will be bringing teachers and head teachers together to discuss the future of technology in the classroom through using Microsoft technologies such as OneNote, Sway and Surface. This event will be hosted by the school's Principle, Justin Philcox, who will be joined by colleagues from partner schools to discuss their digital transformation journey, their vision for redefining learning through technology and how technology can be used to support the work of the leadership team.

Fosse Way School has used OneNote to transform the way their teachers teach. If you didn't already know, as part of Office 365, OneNote is an essential tool for any teacher or student. Not only are you able to create interactive content for lessons, but it also allows you to create and facilitate collaboration in the classroom. Teachers can set assessments which students visibility collaborate on, teachers can mark work and students can even provide peer feedback, anytime, anywhere in an environment which allows students to flourish by developing in ways which suit their learning needs.

To find out more about OneNote, register for this Redefining Learning event, and also read our OneNote in Education eBook.

Sessions include:

  • Opening Keynote with Justin Philcox
  • Education Technology trends and the future of Microsoft Education by Steve Beswick, Director of Education
  • Interactive workshop sessions on how tools such as One Note can transform teaching, delivered by digital leaders and Microsoft Educator Experts
  • Observing how OneNote and Surface are being used to encourage collaboration in the classroom
  • A demonstration of how Sway can be used in the classroom

Date: Wednesday 20th April 2016

Time: 9:30am - 1:30pm

Venue: Fosse Way School, Longfellow Road, Radstock, BA3 3AL

Register your place now: Redefining Learning Tour: Fosse Way School, Bath

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