Increasing collaboration and productivity through Unified Communications – Microsoft @ UC Expo 2016

One of the key pillars of Microsoft's mission within education is to empower anytime anywhere learning for all. Our portfolio of different productivity tools, platforms, systems, teacher resources and more provide students and educators with the technology to enhance the way they deliver their curricula and engage with materials.

Anytime anywhere learning might mean anything from being able to access communal course materials from a SharePoint site during the school holidays, to contributing to a group project remotely through Office 365, or perhaps a teacher offering real-time feedback to their students through the OneNote Class Notebook. Another area where technology can facilitate greater collaboration and productivity, is Unified Communications.

Skype for Business

Unified Communications and conference calling technologies are not just the reserve of the business world. Classrooms, faculties and student bodies are also heavily reliant upon the ability to communicate, present, share information, ideas, files and bring people together virtually.


Availability and capacity of rooms can be hindrance upon organising meetings or study sessions, and when campuses are spread over a larger area - particularly in the case of Higher Education - it can be incredibly tricky getting all the necessary people together for discussions or to deliver content.

Skype for Business allows individuals and academic institutions to adopt easier and more flexible ways of working, as well as enhancing their mobility. Having made the move to Skype for Business in 2014, North Hertfordshire College has since been able to reduce costs, obtain better reporting, improve communication and increase productivity.

UC Expo 2016

Microsoft will be exhibiting at UC Expo in London on April 19th, and will be happy to explain the range of features, functionality and licencing options available for any academic institution looking to improve the way it communicates, collaborates and holds meetings.

Click here for more information about Microsoft at UC Expo 2016 and for registration details.

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