Microsoft Educator Community – ‘Join the Discussion’ – it’s time for you to get involved!

All this week we've been going into more depth on each of the areas of the Microsoft Educator Community, and exploring the ways that people can take value from the wealth of free teacher CPD resources and peer interactions that can be found through the site that is being colloquially known as the 'MEC'.

If you missed our previous post about how to join the MEC, you can find it here:
How to start your CPD with the Microsoft Educator Community

With six main areas of the site for teachers to immerse themselves in, we're going to look at each of them through the eyes of an educator, and hear from them how they have used materials, courses, tutorials or the network of other members of the MEC to further their own personal development and put the new skills or approaches into practice in the classroom.

Join the Discussion

The common theme running through everything we've seen this week and the stories from our MIEExperts has been the huge emphasis on the 'C' of the MEC - community. As we've often said in many of our blogs, the main force driving education is the fundamental desire for one individual to share their knowledge with others. And when many of these individuals come together to share their thoughts, ideas, reflections and experiences in one place, something really special can happen.

Our final stop on the tour of the MEC is the 'Join the Discussion' section.

Connect with others around the world or in your own backyard. Browse our communities and engage with educators and experts of all types. Share your knowledge, find answers, and grow with our network of educators.

As the MEC continues to grow and more educators from the around the world work their way through the lesson plans, tutorials, CPD courses, virtual field trips and more, there will be more and more stories to share and tell.

Outside of the more formal structure of the other content and activities to be found elsewhere within the Microsoft Educator Community, the 'Join the Discussion' area is much more of a blank canvas for teachers to ask open questions, debate different pedagogical approaches, share ideas and experiences, connect with likeminded individuals, and let the discussions follow their natural paths.

Earlier this month the E2 Educator Exchange took place in Budapest, and brought together #MIEExperts from all over the world for several days of collaborative workshops, talks, idea sharing, discussions and more. Natalie Lochhead, one of our UK #MIEExperts (who you may have seen presenting in our Showcase Classroom during BETT 2016), travelled to Hungary for the event, and took part in many eye-opening discussions with other educators.

Join the Discussion

The following Sway tells her story, and gives you an insight into the sorts of things that our #MIEExpert community can produce when they get together, and how they can inspire each other to bigger and better things.

The 'Join the Discussion' area of the MEC provides an opportunity for all teachers to exchange these sorts of ideas, and to tap into the vast wealth of cumulative knowledge and experience to be found within the global educator community.

If you have any questions or queries on how to connect with others on the MEC, be sure to tweet us on @microsofteduk using the #MECweek hashtag.

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