Microsoft Educator Community – ‘Share your Expertise’ – with #MIEExpert Stewart Davies

All this week we'll be going into more depth on each of the areas of the Microsoft Educator Community, and exploring the ways that people can take value from the wealth of free teacher CPD resources and peer interactions that can be found through the site that is being colloquially known as the 'MEC'.

If you missed our previous post about how to join the MEC, you can find it here:

How to start your CPD with the Microsoft Educator Community

With six main areas of the site for teachers to immerse themselves in, we're going to look at each of them through the eyes of an educator, and hear from them how they have used materials, courses, tutorials or the network of other members of the MEC to further their own personal development and put the new skills or approaches into practice in the classroom.

In this post #MIEExpert Stewart Davies looks at how you can share your expertise using the Microsoft Educator Community. Whatever valuable skills and insights you may have, you can use these to become a guest speaker, trainer or create a lesson.

Share your Expertise

Share your expertise

By Stewart Davies
Assistant Headteacher, Ysgol Bae Baglan, Wales

The most valuable part of MEC for me has been the ‘Share Your Expertise’ section, within which I have particularly enjoyed the Create a Lesson area.

 This area allows you to upload a variety of different lessons, but personally I have used the Build a Lesson Plan area. This was rewarding because as well as being an easy format to upload the lesson plan and resources, the format of the plan actively encourages you to consider the Skills Development that your plan addresses. Along with the 21CLD rubrics, this resource, as well as helping others who benefit from your plan, actually helps you reflect on you own teaching and how within your teaching you work to the 21CLD framework.

 Another area within ‘Share Your Expertise’ is the become a trainer area. This has information on how to become a trainer, including access to training materials to ensure you are prepared. Alongside this support, MEC also allows you to record your training sessions, keeping an ongoing record of the training I have delivered, and providing codes for my trainees to record the training sessions they have attended with me. The training resources and tracker are invaluable at providing support and evidence that quality professional development is being delivered which support the development of 21CLD lessons.


If you want to share your unique expertise and passion for your interests, then be sure to visit this section of the Microsoft Educator Community. If you would like to build a lesson plan like Stewart, then take a look at how you can build unique content around OneNote, Skype and more.

Share your Expertise 2

And if you have been inspired by visits to sloth sanctuaries in Costa Rica, teaching farms in Kenya, or learning more about Nobert's eyes, why not host a virtual field trip of your own and take students somewhere they've never been before?

If you'd like to kick start your CPD with the Microsoft Educator Community, join our webinar at 4pm tomorrow where you will hear from Microsoft employees and our #MIEExperts.

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