Children United’s Destiny Africa lights up Voice in a Million at SSE Arena Wembley

Microsoft are supporting Children United, a project founded by First News, Save The Children and Achievement for All to support the creation of the first world-wide digital community of children. In 2016 'a global community of children who are educated, engaged and empowered to take action together to change their world' will come together through this unique platform.  Microsoft technology and services will be used to enable the platform, providing a safe space where 7-14 year old children are empowered to voice their opinions and become champions of change.


On Thursday 3rd March, Microsoft were able to attend an incredible event where over 6,500 children could let their voices be heard through performing as part of the Voice in a Million annual flagship event at SSE Arena Wembley. Voice in a Million is an unusual company in that they not only give children a chance to perform to thousands of people and develop and explore their musical talent, but they continue to provide these children with a platform to join the VIAM 'voice' and make a difference in the lives of other children who may not be as fortunate as them.

The event was an incredible experience for all involved as we witnessed the thousands of children and proud parents come together to help raise awareness for those youngsters less fortunate than them. During the event, we at Microsoft had the absolute pleasure of going backstage to meet the children of the Destiny Africa Children's Choir from Uganda. This group of young people from Kampala Children's Centre (KCC) were amongst those that have been affected by poverty, disease and war - although you would never have guessed it from the beaming smiles on their faces.

KCC provides these children with a family, education, healthcare and support, and has given them the opportunity to become part of something amazing. After singing with their house mothers for support and encouragement, the voices of these young people progressed into something much bigger as the Destiny Africa choir began in 2007. You can see more of what they are about by clicking on the image below.


The Children United project is something which Microsoft is very excited to be part of, and we hope that we too can help support children in getting their voices heard. Despite these great projects, Children United want this to be led by the children. If you are interested in being one of the schools or groups that help to deliver this digital platform, then be sure to sign up.


Find out more about Children United here

Learn more about Voice in a Million here

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