Daily Edventures with Henry Penfold – UK #MIEExpert

Anthony Salcito’s blog series Daily Edventures sees the Microsoft World-Wide VP of Education speaking with educators from all over the world to discuss their approaches to pedagogy and how they are using technology to connect with and bring the best out from their students.

One such educator he has spoken with is one of our very own UK members of the global #MIEExpert community, Henry Penfold from Wellstead Primary School in Southampton.

Henry Penfold

Kodu, Minecraft and Skype-a-thons are just three of the many ways that Henry uses technology with his primary school students. He’s is an enthusiastic proponent of these technologies in his classroom, and he’s not shy about sharing why.

“Their growth mindset and their attitude towards it is fantastic… With Kodu particularly, they go, ‘right, I’m going to solve this,’ because it’s quite manageable. With the blocks, they can drag and really see it visually.”

Henry will soon be featuring in an upcoming series of blogs that explore the new Microsoft Educator Community through the experiences of the teachers using it, but for now feel free to watch his video interview with Anthony Salcito, and read Anthony’s post on Daily Edventures:

Computational thinking takes hold – even in the youngest of students – Henry Penfold, UK

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