Teachers, invite your students to OneNote Class Notebook and get them free Office 365

Microsoft are pleased to announce that teachers all teachers (even those who not have an Office 365 account) can now sign up for OneNote Class Notebooks for their class for free!


OneNote Class Notebook is an extension of OneNote which facilitates anytime anywhere learning for both students and teachers. With the OneNote Class Notebook you can organise class content and lesson plans, create interactive lessons by embedding digital and web content, set and grade assignments and facilitate instant collaboration. Not only can students work together in real time, but OneNote Class Notebook has the added capability of providing feedback to students as teachers can access their individual student's OneNote and provide personalised support by writing directly in their student's OneNote.

In addition to access to Office 365 at no cost, any teacher can now set up a OneNote Class Notebook and all they need is a school assigned email address - no IT support required!

To find out how to download get started for free with the OneNote Class Notebook, read this article.

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