How well do you know Windows 10?

Education is fast changing as teachers and leaders strive to ensure that their students are prepared for an equally fast-changing world. Microsoft, with Windows 10, supports educators as they work to ensure that today's school leavers are knowledgeable young adults aware of the wider world, flexible, open to ideas.

The following eBook - Windows 10 in Education - gives some great insights into how the latest and greatest features in Windows 10 can work together in education. Written by educators themselves, the eBook explores Microsoft Edge and Cortana; Windows Hello and Passport; Collaboration and Inking, so delve in and see how we've taken the best bits from our Windows predecessors and partnered them with innovation and creativity that has created Windows 10.

Terms such as 'Flipped Learning' and 'Project-based Learning' are often used in isolation, but it is often overlooked that these are in fact complimentary activities. Coupled with real life skills, these form the basis of 21st Century Learning. This eBook gives an indication of how this is being achieved at Microsoft through the support that Windows 10 provides in the classroom.

Through a range of affordable devices, coupled with great tools and educational apps in a safe and secure environment, Windows 10 offers an innovative, yet familiar experience which we continue to see leading to better learning outcomes for students throughout the UK.

Windows 10 offers the best platform for working in a fast paced environment such as education. The task view capabilities, as well as virtual desktops and improved snap views makes every day activities more effective and efficient. It also offers a single operating system, across multiple devices, making it perfect for any institution.

See how Windows 10 is making a difference at Simon de Senlis Primary School:

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