Thank you to our #MIEExpert community and partners for an amazing BETT 2016!

From all of us here at the Microsoft in Education team, we'd like to say a big thank you to everyone who visited our stand at BETT 2016, as well as the Microsoft Partner Village. Once again we were incredibly fortunate to have been joined by a number of our #MIEExpert teachers and Showcase School Leaders, who shared their stories and expertise through a number of sessions in both our Learn Live Theatre, and the Showcase Classroom.


Since our last visit here, an awful lot has happened for us as a company and specifically within education. At BETT 2015 we were able to share the news of the first announcement of Windows 10, and now, just 12 months later we have educators and head teachers speaking in our Theatre about how their schools have been able to improve the way in which they deliver and facilitate learning with the new operating system. In terms of hardware, the last year has seen the arrival of the Surface 3, Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, and Surface Hub, all of which were featured on our stand this year, to a hugely positive reception.

We are also pleased to share information about further discounts of up to 30% on Surface 3 education bundle deals, until 31st March 2016.

But again, the main thing we are trying to do is to enable students and teachers to do more, and that comes from a blend of technology and skill. The four days we have at BETT each year are a fantastic opportunity for us to reach educators and help them along their own journey of personal development. Through the Theatre we offer a platform for stories to be told, and minds to be inspired, while the Showcase Classroom gives educators the chance to work through practical scenarios and learn a new skill or approach that they can then put into practice the very next time they set foot in a classroom.

We believe the best people to help teachers and school leaders take their next steps are those who are walking the same path, and this is reflected in the makeup of the people who you find on our stand, and the way in which they share their experiences through Theatre Sessions and Showcase Classroom workshops. Education is an industry built upon the desire to share knowledge, and we are eternally grateful to our community of teachers, school leaders and education IT professionals that continue to give up their time to help us in this way.


Lastly we need to acknowledge our partners, who work with schools, colleges and universities to carry out much of the heavy lifting and implementation of infrastructure and services that allow educators and school leaders to focus on the pedagogy and learning methods, with technology by their sides as a true enabler and catalyst, rather than something that holds them back. We hope that everyone who visited our stand or Partner Village left richer for the experience, and now feels more informed or confident in what their next steps may be, whatever they are trying to achieve.

See our fantastic line-up of Partners in the Microsoft Partner Village inc.brilliant theatre sessions #Bett2016

— Microsoft Education (@microsofteduk) January 21, 2016

If you need any further information about anything you saw at BETT 2016, or wish to speak with our partners, please feel free to get in touch via Twitter or Facebook.

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