BETT 2016 Guest Post: bfc networks – Cloud Classroom & Parent365

As we reach the midway point of BETT 2016, we’re pleased to be able to share another post from a one of our Microsoft in Education partners. Exhibiting at BETT for the first time and showcasing a number orf education solutions is bfc networks, who can be found in the Microsoft Partner Village (C100).


The start of 2016 is an exciting time for BFC Networks as we start our first adventure to the BETT Show. Being part of the Microsoft Partner Village gives us a great opportunity to demonstrate the special relationship we have with Microsoft to deliver leading edge solutions to the education market on Office 365 Education.


What are we showing at BETT?

We have a few different solutions to show you which will help to get more out the free platform from Microsoft both in the classroom but also with administration of the school.

Cloud Classroom

Available now in the Office Store for free, Cloud Classroom is an classroom assignment based tool for you

Cloud Classroom is your all in one assignment tool in Office 365. Create your classroom and add students to your class before assigning them their own work which you can monitor, comment and provide feedback. Visit to find out more.



The need to have parents logging into Office 365 has been around for some time now ever since the product was made available to the education sector. When schools were deploying SharePoint On-Premises, the licensing options allowed them to have parents log into different content across their environment. We don't have this in Office 365 Education so what is the answer?


Parent365 from BFC Networks allows you to have content in your Office 365 Education made available to parents through a secure login. They can either log in through a custom identity that you control the usernames and password and enable Multi Form Authentication (user receives a SMS and then enters the code) or they can log in with their Facebook, Google or Microsoft account (you allow the email address access).

Share the latest news, calendars, policies and give them access to the parent handbook stored in your Parent OneNote notebook.


Do we have free goodies?

Yes of course we do and we aren’t just talking about Cloud Classroom. With the great partnership we have with Microsoft, we managed to get some free stuff from the Office 365 Development team in the US headquarters to give away on Thursday and Friday.

If you have any questions around Office 365 Development, come and see us, ask your question and you could get anything ranging from t-shirts, mugs, badges and even a portable speaker set and mobile phone charger.

You can read more about out time at BETT from our BETT Sway

Learning more about BFC Networks and our products at the following

Twitter: @bfc_networks
Cloud Classroom Website:
: @Cloud_classroom

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