BETT 2016 Guest Blog: ITWORX Education – Overcoming learning challenges

Another of our partners exhibiting at BETT 2016 is ITWORX Education.

A Microsoft Strategic Education Partner, ITWORX Education holds an impressive track record in delivering customised software solutions across the EMEA region, with deployment success stories in over 1,400 schools. ITWORX Education solutions enable education authorities, private and public schools, colleges and higher education institutions to realise their e-learning vision.

This post looks at WinjiGo, an e-learning platform, connecting displaced children to sustainable educational opportunities. WinjGo is an early adopter of Office 365 Groups, allowing you to:

  • Auto add all your Office 365 Groups and their members to your courses
  • Keep your course library on OneDrive for Business
  • View course notifications on your Office 365 Group’s calendar
  • Use all your interactive Office Mix resources in your lessons and help students engage more

ITWORX Education can be found at BETT 2016 on stand D300.


ITWORX Education

4 Ways WinjiGo Can Help You Overcome The Learning Challenges

We know that going back to school is a challenging time for everyone, and most of all teachers. Lessons to prepare, student names to learn, timetable issues to sort out, new peers to get to know, and a whole lot more.

If you’re teaching a course this term, you needn’t worry. WinjiGo is designed to give you a break. And we know you need it!

WinjiGo is a unique social learning space designed for next-generation teaching and learning. It provides a simple and fun learning experience that helps you address student engagement challenges.


1 Plan your curriculum and activities easily & quickly in a single place

We all know that each learner is different. For a teacher, even if you have heaps of experience under your belt, planning how to address these differences takes time. In addition to planning out your curriculum and activities, you also want your course to be fun and engaging for learners.

The good thing is, WinjiGo can make this planning task easier for you. WinjiGo is a simple online space that provides the needed tools to develop a curriculum and plan activities in a single place; rich resources like files, links, researchable YouTube videos or Office Mix.

2 A teaching companion you can reach anywhere

We all want to have a well-balanced life and juggling work and personal commitments can be tough. Sitting on the cloud, WinjiGo makes it possible work anytime and anywhere, giving you the freedom to organize your personal and work schedule. WinjiGo is also compatible and accessible to a range of devices, including PC, Android tablets, Mac, and iPads. And anytime an idea comes to mind, you can easily jot it down – virtually that is.

3 The good thing about WinjiGo as an educational platform

Aside from helping you create an entire course in a few taps, WinjiGo also supports and encourages the integration of non-traditional learning techniques;

Blended learning is an educational revolution that improves efficiency and gives the teachers the tools and time through using different digital online resources to enrich the learner’s experience. WinjiGo gives the teacher the Lesson Planning tools with these digital resources to let the learners prepare ahead before the session which gives more time in the classroom to collaborate and explore more.

Engaging learners is the main goals of Inquiry-based learning. WinjiGo gives learners a challenge/inquiry about the concept the teacher want to deliver and open a discussion around it in your lesson plan activities. Thus, it would be easily for the learners to think outside the box of a solution and brainstorm with his colleagues about it.

4 The importance of evaluating learners, and not just summatively

The process of evaluating learners is not simple or easy. But that’s what makes WinjiGo an excellent companion for educators. Its feature set is designed to give you the tools you need to formatively assess your learners. While summative assessment is still practiced, we know that it really doesn’t give you the insight you need in your day-to-day decisions as a teacher. By nature, WinjiGo allows you to assess your learners frequently and gauge how well they understand what’s been taught. Use the discussions, activities, groups, and learning tasks to probe your learners and get the information you need to modify your strategy if you need to. But most importantly don’t forget to provide your learners with feedback so that they can continue to progress.

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