BETT 2016 Guest Blog: Avantador goes international with Skooler – built on Office 365

Our next BETT 2016 partner update comes from Avantador, and looks at their new educational tool Skooler, built on Office 365. Next week we will be joined in the BETT 2016 Microsoft Partner Village as they officially launch Skooler on the international stage.



The Norwegian education technology company Avantador has quickly made their mark with 593 schools currently using their Skooler product. Skooler offers teaching and learning tools for education, but it is not "just another learning platform." The reason is that Skooler is built inside Office 365! This provides a unique work flow between the learning tools Skooler provides and the industry standard productivity and collaboration tools found in Office 365. Now, through working with Microsoft, Avantador is seeking to establish a presence in 7 European countries.

BETT 2016 will be our international Skooler launch and we do hope to see you at our stand in the Microsoft Partner Village (C300).

Skooler offers educational tools such as personalised learning paths, lesson, week and period planning, absence/attendance registration and assignments and tasks to name a few. Parents are kept up to date via our Parental portal. All the tools are safely hosted in the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

Our solution is the next generation digital learning platform, replacing traditional LMS (Learning Management System) solutions.

“By offering Skooler as part of Microsoft Office 365, educational institutions can realise benefits such as reduced IT costs for school owners, reduced time spent on IT for teachers and an increased level of individualised learning for pupils.” - Lars Gunnar Fledsberg, CEO Avantador AS.

Microsoft has had great success in the education sector worldwide, and in Norway most schools have selected to use Microsoft Office 365. The education offer from Microsoft means that each student can install Office 365 on up to five devices gets five free licences, 1 Terabyte free storage and the whole service is cloud-based.

Skooler’s rapid growth in Norway and Sweden with 432,000 users in 593 schools during the first six months, has impressed Microsoft:

“Skooler offers a collection of Office 365-based teaching and learning tools that teachers and students need every day. We can then provide the necessary educational tools as a fully integrated package for the education sector. Through our global partner network we are helping Avantador to become an international company.”Bjørnar Hovemoen, Education Lead Norway – Microsoft.

It’s not just Microsoft that has shown an interest in the company. As an investor and board member Avantador has been joined by Roger Larsen, co-founder of the Fronter Platform – a well-known LMS used in European schools. During the 2000s, Mr Larsen led Fronter to become one of the world’s largest learning platforms, sold to 7 million users in more than 10 countries. Mr Larsen left Fronter in 2010 and is now ready for new challenges together with Avantador.

“Norwegian learning technology is world-class and I am convinced that Skooler will be a global success, because it is the next generation learning platform.” Roger Larsen, Avantador board member and founder of Fronter.

Avantador’s CEO is pleased to have Mr. Larsen on board:

”Roger Larsen will contribute his expertise and network in relation to strategy and internationalisation. This will be a crucial aspect for our continuing efforts to offer the best teaching and learning tools for schools that have adopted Office 365 world wide.” - Lars Gunnar Fledsberg, CEO Avantador AS.

For more information – visit our website:

We would love to help you get started. So please visit us at BETT 2016 – you can find us in the Microsoft Partner Village (C300) for further planning or if you have any questions.

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