Devices in education eBook – choosing the right device for you

For too long we have handed our students technology to help them learn without much consideration of the real impact that it may be having. New evidence reveals that certain types of technology actually create barriers to thinking, creating and problem-solving, while other types can enhance these exact same skills. Technology will not help learning if it is not addressing the areas in which it is intended, but the search for the right device for both yourself and your school can be challenging.

What type of device do I like?
What do all the specifications mean?
Which device is best for my needs?

The problem is, with the broad collection of form factors now available, as well as the vast price range, there is no 'one size fits all' device - every individual has their own needs which should be addressed. For some, a traditional laptop may still be ideal, whilst others may benefit from a hybrid device that offers a tablet with a detachable keyboard.

Instead of letting devices dictate pedagogy, we should instead consider how devices can complement it. We need to make sure that you can easily select the right device for you and your students which best supports their education. Our new eBook introduces you to some of our favourite Windows 10 devices, each carefully selected to help you make the right decision.

Many of the devices that you will find in this eBook will also be present on our stand this year at BETT 2016. This will give you a greater insight into what is currently available on the market and which devices are best for your teaching and learning. Alongside these, we will also have our Education team present on the stand to advise which devices are best for you and how they can be used across various scenarios in academia.

If you’d like to see these devices at BETT 2016 and find out more about how they can support your teaching, register now and be sure to visit the Microsoft in Education stand (E310).

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