The Microsoft Educator Community – what does it mean to a #MIEExpert?

Recently we launched a revamped version of the Microsoft Educator Network, now known as the Microsoft  Educator Community - or MEC. Teachers from all over the world have been joining this community, and working through a number of the online courses, earning badges and accolades in the process.MEC

It's a curious situation we find ourselves in within education, whereby the students are continuously monitored and measured, earning grades and recognition for their work, but what of the teachers? Would some reward for the completion of tasks and development of skills spur them on with a desire to continually improve themselves and motivate each other as educators? Absolutely.

Paul 'Lanny' Watkins is one of the recent joiners of the UK #MIEExpert community, and he has been exploring all that the MEC has to offer, earning plenty of badges in the process. But as anyone involved in education will attest, there is an inherent longing to share knowledge, and Paul has done just that by helping other teachers at Sandfields Comprehensive School, where he is Head of ICT.

He recently wrote all about his experiences with the MEC, and those of his colleagues, outlining some of the steps that he found to be helpful in getting his fellow staff members at Sandfields to get started in this community. You can read Paul’s post on the Microsoft UK Teachers blog:

"My Precious"? - One CPD for them all!

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