Azure StorSimple in Education – recorded webinar with Sol-Tec available now

The following post is written by Microsoft Colleges and Schools Business Manager Anthony Nneke, and reflects on his recent experiences with customers looking to improve the way in which they store and manage data. Included in the post is a recording of a webinar hosted with Microsoft Partner Sol-Tec, during which Microsoft Azure StorSimple is explored as a hybrid cloud storage platform comprising SSD, HDD and cloud storage.



What are you doing to combat the increase in data usage?

Over the past few months in talking to my customers it has become evident that the increase in data use is not going away and is fast becoming an area on top of their priority list. But the question is, how do they manage this?

Do they replace their old SANS which are coming to end of life and reaching capacity? What do they do about Back Up and Disaster Recovery? Will they get a strong enough ROI on a hardware refresh? At what point do they embrace the cloud? What services can be run in the Microsoft Cloud? Is there a Hybrid Option?

A lot of questions, and all warranted I might add. Improving and managing your IT Infrastructure is essential to everything else going smoothly within your institution and breeds a confidence in the services you provide for your staff, educators and students, but it's also something that is very easy to take for granted. There is no pat on the back, there are no high fives, just the expectation that things should work when they need to, and that services, files, documents should always be accessible, regardless of the mixed environment you may be trying to manage and run within your institution.

It is because of the above that I wanted to bring to your attention a Hybrid Solution option that is fast becoming of interest to my customers due to its value and the challenges it resolves.

Azure StorSimple in Education - webinar with Sol-Tec - October 2015

The webinar above explores how StorSimple can reduce storage costs by 40-60% while helping to manage data growth and increase business agility.

This is also a great way to resolve the challenges that many of my customers are facing in relation to massive data growth causing storage sprawl which can be expensive to both provision and maintain, as well as being rather time consuming.

It is not just primary data storage, providing backup, archive storage and DR that add to the burden placed on IT departments and budgets. Microsoft StorSimple is a tiered hybrid cloud storage platform comprising SSD, HDD and cloud storage. In addition to primary storage cloud snapshots provide offsite backup, the cloud tier provides archive storage and the 8000 series’ virtual appliance provides a highly available DR solution.


To learn more about StorSimple or to be provided with a demo please email Anthony Nneke.

To learn more about Azure as a service you can sign up for one of our free two-day Azure Everywhere Workshops (covering all things Azure) that we are offering at your premises by registering here:

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