New BBC micro:bit video tutorials from CAS Master Teachers

With the BBC micro:bit being distributed to school children in the new year, many teachers up and down the country are thinking about how they can use the device within their lessons and as an effective focal point for a huge range of STEM activities.

There are plenty of resources currently available to teachers, from individual lessons on Kodu, TouchDevelop and Block Editor, all the way through to the BBC micro:bit Quick Start Guide from Computing at School. Some of the Master Teachers in the team at CAS have also been busy working away on a number of video tutorials which can now be found on the BBC micro:bit Microbites playlist.


Even if you are yet to get your hands on the BBC micro:bit, there is still much you can learn and take from these videos and other resources ahead of the wider distribution next year. For those of you who simply cannot wait to start computing with the BBC micro:bit, there are a number of roadshow training events being run by Tablet Academy in the new year which will give teachers the opportunity to get to grips with the device and work through a number tutorials and classroom scenarios in preparation for their students receiving them in due course.


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