Turning the Tables on Technology Training in Scotland – Natalie Lochhead, Scotland

One of the best ways to cement your understanding of something is to explain it or teach it to someone else. This applies to people of all ages, even students. One great example of this practice in action can be found with one of our very own members of the #MIEExpert community.


Working as a teacher and ICT coordinator at Kirklandneuk Primary School in Renfrewshire, Scotland, Natalie Lochhead has been a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert since last year. She recently caught up with Anthony Salcito to talk about how she has taken this approach with her students, challenging them to teach full-class lessons as a way of consolidating their own knowledge and also developing crucial communication and presentation skills.

Lochhead’s Digital Leaders are trained every week, and then go on to train other classes and teachers on that particular skill. So far, they’ve taught Windows 365, the basics of using a tablet and Kodu. They've also participated in Scotland’s Kodu Cup and Hour of Code, and have even been featured in the Chamber of Commerce Business Matters Magazine. To keep track of all their activities, Lochhead maintains a class blog.

On Anthony's Daily Edventures blog you can read all about how her students have been supporting teachers as they work to adopt 1:1 approaches in the classroom, as part of Glow, Scotland’s national digital learning environment. You'll also be able to learn more about Natalie as a person, and what it is that inspires her as teacher.


Turning the Tables on Technology Training in Scotland – Natalie Lochhead, Scotland

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