Join the global #SkypeaThon on December 3rd-4th – schedule your call now!


Educators the world over have been able to transport their students to faraway lands, to the deepest depths of the ocean, and almost anywhere else you care to think of, all through the power of Skype in the Classroom. Far better than any text book or website can explain, giving students the ability to have live conversations with exciting and interesting people from all walks of life provides them with the opportunity to ask their special guests the questions that are foremost in their own minds, and gain a much more human and relatable understanding of places, people, and the jobs they do, all over the world.

This week sees an ambitious project happening whereby schools across the country will aim to travel a combined total of over 1 million virtual miles, via the connections they make through Skype in the Classroom, and the experiences they share. The Skype-a-thon is a global movement to celebrate learning without borders, and is taking place over December 3rd-4th.

To take part in this worldwide event couldn’t be easier:

Step One: Schedule a call

Register today for one of the below activities to do with your class during the Skype-a-Thon

Step Two: Show us how far you travelled

Post a creative photo on Twitter or Instagram showing the distance you travelled. Tag it with #SkypeaThon so everyone can see how your call helped reach the goal of 1 million virtual miles.*


You can find further details on how to organise your own session as part of the #SkypeaThon, along with some examples of how Skype in the Classroom has been used, in this Sway:

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