Examining the impact of Windows 10 at Simon de Senlis Primary [VIDEO]


Over the summer, many schools have taken forward steps with their educational technology by upgrading to Windows 10. While for many IT administrators and network managers the benefits arising from moving to Windows 10 will have been instantly recognisable, some of the positive learning impacts manifesting themselves in the classroom and in the quality of learning will naturally only become evident over time.

But we're now four months down the line from the official launch of Windows 10, and nearing the end of the Christmas Term (gulp!), so we caught up with Microsoft Global Showcase School Simon de Senlis Primary, to see how the teachers and students there have been improving the learning that happens, both inside and outside the classroom:

As head teacher Tom Rees explains, the broader task of preparing students for the world of eventual employment requires the development of a number of skills and disciplines - using technology to collaborate, communicate and create - that sit outside of the normal curriculum that schools are required to teach. By basing the learning in a Windows 10 environment, the students and teachers at Simon de Senlis Primary are exposed to a way of working that is synonymous with that of the 21st century world of employment, and gradually build the required skills into their natural way of problem solving, creating, and working together.

For MIEExpert Tomos Prosser, the ability to switch between multiple desktops is proving to be most helpful for him when teaching different classes throughout the day, while Charlotte Coade - also part of the MIEExpert community - speaks of the speed with which it allows her students to work, and familiarity the start menu provides.

From a technical usage and security standpoint, Paul Dredge from EasiPC who oversaw the deployment of Windows 10 at Simon de Senlis, is particularly impressed with the built-in malware defence systems, describing it as "the most secure operating system yet".


Are you yet to move to Windows 10? Want to know more about what's involved in deployment?

Paul Dredge recently penned a guest post for us in which he went into some detail about his work over the summer in upgrading Simon de Senlis to Windows 10, which you can read here:

Upgrading to Windows 10 with EasiPC – the Simon de Senlis story

You can also read regular articles from Tom Rees in the new Microsoft in Education monthly online magazine, #TheFeed.

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