Complimentary BBC Earth Enchanted Kingdom DVDs for UK Schools

Readers of the Microsoft UK Schools Blog will likely be familiar with the BBC Earth film Enchanted Kingdom, an extensive and fascinating look at the kaleidoscope of life and terrain that is the vast continent of Africa. Co-directed by Patrick Morris and BAFTA winner Neil Nightingale, this 3D film has been used as the inspiration for a number of educational resources packed full of lesson plans and project based learning assignments that capture children's imaginations and allow them to flourish in a not dissimilar fashion to the variety of ways in which life forges countless different paths within the Enchanted Kingdom itself.

Complimentary DVDs for Schools

Through Microsoft in Education's partnership with BBC Earth, we are pleased to be offering complimentary copies of the Enchanted Kingdom DVD to UK schools looking to create their own project based learning activities inspired by the film. In order to receive a copy of the DVD for your school, simply create a Sway or Office Mix presentation detailing how you plan to use the content and themes within the film as a platform for an engaging project based learning experience, and email your presentation to

Please note this is only available to schools in the United Kingdom.

Office Mix and Sway

For anyone unfamiliar with Office Mix and Sway, there a some great tutorials and resources that will help you in getting started and creating your Enchanted Kingdom presentations:

Office Mix for Teachers
Sway tutorials

Office Mix is a free PowerPoint add-on within Office 365, which is available at no cost within education. To check your school or college's eligibility and to download the latest version of Office, please visit

Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom Learning Resources

With such a wide range of topics and themes covered by the film, you might be wondering where to start when planning your own project based learning assignments. To help you get started with this, there are a number of fantastic learning resources inspired by the Enchanted Kingdom that teachers and students can take advantage of including:

Enchanted Kingdom Educational eBook
Achievement for All learning resources
MIEE Report: BBC Enchanted Kingdom (#TheFeed - November issue, p28)

Sharing best practice

We look forward to receiving your Office Mix and Sway presentations, and will keep the rest of our education community updated on some of the great ideas that we see. In time, we will post some of these entries to our UK Schools Blog (with permission from the teacher/school), so that other students and educators can be inspired by the work of their peers.

Comments (5)

  1. Naglaa Radwan says:

    Marvelous Show ,really I live in Africa but I didn't realize how beautiful it is till I watched this show

  2. Naglaa Radwan says:

    I can make use of this show in my class while teaching a lesson about the weather, the volcanoes and the environment and I know this video will have a great impact on my students

  3. Phuti Ragophala says:

    Attached find the link on how my learners use the trash to produce food to fight poverty in South Africa

  4. Phuti Ragophala says:

    This is a project oh how to fight poverty using available natural resources and waste products to fight poverty

  5. Phuti Ragophala says:

    This is one of the project where learners learnt on how to make their own medicine using green herbs from school garden . Go green in medicinal field

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