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Last month we hosted the first Redefining Learning conference in the UK at our London Victoria offices, welcoming over a hundred teachers and IT professionals within education for a day of interactive sessions with other educators, hands on experience with the latest technology using it in the context of the classroom, and productive discussions around how schools can take their next steps towards a digital strategy.

In the latest issue of the #TheFeed you can find a full report of the day written by well known ICT and education journalist, Merlin John.

Attend a #RedefineLearn event near you

We firmly believe that the best people to advise on what works in the classroom are those who are actually using technology as part of their pedagogy on a daily basis. Since the event in early October, our Microsoft Showcase Schools have been taking the lead with the 'Redefining Learning Tour', in partnership with Microsoft.

Each event will include:

  • A keynote by the principal about their digital transformation journey
  • Guest speaker from Microsoft Education
  • Hands on interactive workshops with digital leaders and Microsoft Educator Experts
  • Tour of the school
  • Networking

Remaining 2015 Tour Dates:

24th November 2015 - Cornwallis Academy, Maidstone
1st December 2015 - UTC Reading
9th December 2015 Simon de Senlis Primary, Northampton


We’re hearing great things about these events, with educators really finding the content and manner of delivery to be of a useful and considered nature. Here is some of the feedback from the first #RedefineLearn event hosted by Tom Rees at Simon de Senlis Primary:

‘Would like to recommend your wonderful event to two other schools. Please do send details asap. I will try to get Headmasters to come as I think its invaluable for them to meet Tom & understand his approach.’

‘Mindblowing, yet instantly able to get hands-on experience.’

‘Had this been in a non-educational venue, I probably wouldn’t have come so great idea to do this in a school and actually see things in practice.’

‘Personally, I liked the holistic approach to the advantages of digital technology, clarifying it was not the 'Holy Grail' answer.’

‘After attending the event at Simon de Senlis Primary School and completing the feedback survey, I would just like to say another huge thank you! I came away from the event feeling extremely inspired and excited to further develop ICT within my own school. I am new to the role of ICT subject leader and this event has really helped me to organise and prioritise my next steps for ICT.’

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