GUEST POST: Transforming Learning with Microsoft and Learning Possibilities.



The following post is the first in series of blog posts from Microsoft in Education partner Learning Possibilities. Earlier in the year we explored the work they have been doing with Office 365 in Wales through the Hwb+ platform, and now we are looking ahead to the launch of the LP+365 app in December.

This first post takes the form of a Q&A style conversation with Stephen Heppell, Executing Chairman at Learning Possibilities.

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Microsoft’s Partnership with Learning Possibilities Transforming Office 365 to your school LMS


Microsoft’s latest product in partnership with Learning Possibilities is LP+365. With anticipation building before the launch of the must-have App on 1st of December at Microsoft’s UK HQ in Reading, we caught up with Professor Stephen Heppell, Executive Chairman at Learning Possibilities, to discover his thoughts on the latest Office365 LMS within the industry.


Why has the company decided to build LP+365?

By putting a lot of functionality into one place, our teachers can save a lot of time, whilst our users can develop the skills they need for this millennium: working together on-line, using industry standards communication tools, and more. Life is complicated enough for our teachers and learners; and we thought this would help!

How do you think LP+365 adds to Microsoft Office 365? And do you see a benefit to Education by this partnership between Microsoft and Learning Possibilities.

We think we have done a really good job at making some of Microsoft's most powerful technologies really easy to use by all. But with so many users now on-line, the opportunity to be learning as part of a growing LP+ family around the world is also important. Both Microsoft and ourselves are pretty excited by what lies ahead for learners everywhere.

What do you think schools will see as the biggest benefit of LP+365?

It is astonishing value for money, and money is tight everywhere. It is very much a tool for achieving today's learning tasks but also, in doing so, for developing tomorrow's digital skills. The tools that are bundled into it are very easy to access and the portfolio within it will generate a lifetime portfolio.

You saw the roadmap of LP+ 365. What do you think of this roadmap?

I like it, of course! The user interface reflects a lot of input from a lot of our users and is even better now. For me though, and excitingly, I always seem to be discussing next steps and the next version beyond today's product. The embedding of Skype as a global learning collaboration tool is a pretty exciting part of the next release and Skype should be part of the platform very soon.

When are Learning Possibilities officially launching the LP+365 app, and what part will you play in the launch?

The app will be launched on December 1st at Microsoft’s UK HQ in Reading. I'll be there, looking rather pleased, talking a little about why this world needs better learning and feeling rather proud of the part we are playing in that with the help of our many users.


If you would like to find out more about LP+365: the latest Office365 LMS software before the rest of the World, register yourself to attend the launch event for free.

If you would like to enquire about a free trial on LP+365, please contact

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