Achievement for All to develop Microsoft CPD courses and Enchanted Kingdom learning resources

Over the past year Microsoft in Education has been working in partnership with Achievement for All, a movement focussed on educational change, and this week we are thrilled to be taking part in the AfA national conference in Birmingham. Joining us at the NEC will be students and staff from Microsoft Showcase School Simon de Senlis Primary, who have been at the centre of an ambitious project based learning initiative.


Tom Rees - head teacher at Simon de Senlis - will be presenting at the conference and sharing the experiences of his colleagues and students as they worked through a series of cross-curricular activities in collaboration with the five other schools that make up the Northampton Primary Academy Trust. At the centre of all this was the BBC Earth 3D nature film Enchanted Kingdom, and the accompanying educational eBook from Microsoft, aligning the topics and themes covered in the film to key curriculum areas. Speaking on the day will also be Patrick Morris, one of the directors of the Enchanted Kingdom. At a previous event held at Simon de Senlis, students, parents and teachers were treated to a Q&A session with another of the film's directors - BAFTA winner Neil Nightingale - who had many interesting and wonderful tales to tell from the 600 days of filming that it took to shoot the motion picture. No doubt Patrick will be sharing some equally exciting and fascinating stories on the day!

Enchanted Kingdom

Achievement for All have also produced a series of their own learning resources to accompany the Enchanted Kingdom film, ahead of its release, which are available through The Bubble. In addition to the materials inspired by the Enchanted Kingdom, Achievement for All will now be delivering an end-to-end range of Continued Personal Development courses in partnership with Microsoft.

Technology shouldn't be used as a substitute for teaching, but as an enabler. Too often schools and colleges procure devices and platforms without fully understanding their capabilities to allow teachers to transform the way they educate, and the way students learn. The courses available from Microsoft are designed to take teachers on a complete journey of development, from understanding the basics of teaching with technology and developing wider digital literacy, to assisting teachers in helping their students to hone the 21st century skills sought by employers in an ever more competitive jobs market. For those wishing to take their use of technology to an even higher level, there are also courses available that delve deeper into the coding and programming skills that teachers and student can develop.

For more information about the and the Enchanted Kingdom learning resources available, please visit Achievement for All.

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