How to share a field trip in Sway – Microsoft Sway Video Tutorials (4/10)


Sway is as much about arranging and presenting work in an unique and creative way as much as it is about sharing your story. In our series of blogs exploring the different ways you can use Sway we have covered how to make tutorials and how to present your work 'the Sway way,'.

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However, another way that you can use Sway is as a vehicle for telling stories. This is particularly relevant in a classroom environment as this free web based tool allows students to visually express and share stories that they write and tell stories about their favourite experiences. The creative versatility of Sway makes it a particularly useful tool for children who have difficulty verbally expressing themselves, providing alternative means of letting their abilities shine through. From holidays to birthday celebrations, school trips and more, whatever you want to document and share, you can bring it to life with Sway.


There are an array of features that you can use to customise your story, giving you plenty of creative control over the look and feel of your Sway.

The tutorial below shows how easy it is to add photos, videos and captions to a storyline so you can bring your favourite memories and stories to life. In an educational context, this stories could be adaptations of literary works covered in English and Drama classes, or perhaps a summary of field work conducted on a Geography or Science trip. Sway gives you the ability to stack, grid or slideshow captions and photos. You can embed maps by simply copying and pasting the iframe code into the embed code.

If you are looking to further customise your story, the tool generates colour schemes based on the images in your Sway for you to choose from. There is even a tool called the Comparison Card, which creates an Etch A Sketch effect in the style of drawings on the beach. This tool in particular is a favourite with younger students. These fun, interactive elements can add a sense of character and personalisation to your story. It's personal, it's the story that you want to tell, and you can customise it any way that you want.

It should also be noted that Sway is not exclusive the classroom; bring your personal holiday memories to life using the free online tool. You can use focus points, to emphasise your favourite parts on an image; highlight the breath-taking architecture that you saw on your glamorous city break, or the beautiful sunset that you would love to revisit on your beach vacation. These focus points allow you to draw the viewers' attention to your favourite parts of the image and focus on the most interesting parts of your story.

You can change the mood of the story through picking different layouts for your Sway, and if you're feeling particularly inspired, you can use the Remix Tool to switch up the different combinations of design and navigation.

Sway is so simple and easy to use; you can make your Sway interesting and eye catching literally at the click of a button. It's fast, it's unique and it really is that simple.

Try out Sway at and start telling your stories.  If you need a little inspiration, follow @sway and look out for other people’s work.

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