What is Sway? – Microsoft Sway Video Tutorials (1/10)

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Finding the right medium to channel the creativity of students can have a significant impact on how enthusiastically they engage with different subjects and go about working on projects, which will ultimately affect how well they are able to understand the principles being taught and later put them into practice.

One of the newer ways for students - and teachers - to arrange and present work is Sway. A free app from Microsoft Office, Sway lets you create and share interactive reports, presentations, personal stories, newsletters, vacation memories, school and work projects, and more.

The Office team have put together a series of tutorial videos which we will work through on this blog in the coming weeks. This first clip gives a broad overview of what a Sway is, and how easy it is to put one together:

Over the next few weeks we'll explore the other videos in the series, taking a closer look some of the functionality of Sway including collaboration and sharing, as well as discovering how to make Sways for specific purposes, such as Newsletters or Tutorials.

We’d encourage everyone to try out Sway for free at www.Sway.com, and if you’d like to work further ahead in this video tutorial series, the whole playlist can be found on the Office Videos YouTube Channel:

Sway Tutorials: Learn to make interactive, beautiful presentations in minutes

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