Office Mix For Student Learning

Over the last couple of weeks we've been taking a closer look at the some of the ways educators can use Office Mix to add an extra layer of interactive content to their PowerPoint presentation, both in the classroom and for when students are accessing course materials remotely during periods of personal study.

Today we're going to refer to the section of Office Mix For Teachers that provides some inspiration for how students can create Mixes as a way of learning by:

  • Practicing oral presentation skills.
  • Creating documentary-style reports.
  • Learning how to "whiteboard" ideas to explain concepts.
  • Using polling and questionnaires to gauge and engage audiences.

Watch this video to see how students can use Office Mix to demonstrate their understanding:

Office Mix is great for teachers who want to create instructional videos for their students, but Office Mix can also be used by students to demonstrate their understanding of a concept, and even teach other students. The teacher no longer needs to be the sole expert. A class could even create a library of student created Mixes that can be used throughout the year.

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Office Mix is a free add-on for PowerPoint, which is free with Office 365, and also available to students and teachers at no cost through their academic institution’s existing Microsoft Education Subscription. You can check your eligibility at

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