Microsoft Surface – Do Anything

The following post comes to us courtesy of the Surface Team.

Microsoft Surface is aiming to inspire and challenge students as they showcase all the possibilities available to them when they leave school. Partnering with influencers who have recently embarked on careers of their own, we hope to inspire teenagers to understand the options available and their potential to #DoAnything.

Surface - Do AnythingNow that A Level results are here, many students around the world have a tough challenge of choosing the path they want to go down. Whether it’s university, college, or going straight into work, teens are swamped with different options available to them. Yet, how many of these students are aware of all these possibilities?

As many as one in five 13-17 year olds in the UK have no idea what they want to do when they leave school, and 22% of these school leavers who would have liked to continue their education fail to do so because of the lack of awareness around future career choices. As a result of this, we want to show people the world is full of possibilities that they may not be aware of and we want to inspire this audience to pursue something they really love.

Microsoft Surface have teamed up with 25 YouTubers, Instagrammers and bloggers to demonstrate the wide variety of options available to them and to inspire a young audience that they can really do anything. Partnering with Jim Chapman, Raphael Gomes, Roman Kemp and Emily Hartridge, we have created the Microsoft Surface #DoAnything campaign with the aim of inspiring young people to understand all the jobs that are out there and to encourage them to #DoAnything.

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