Office Mix for Teachers – Interactive Online Lessons made simple

Educators are always on the lookout for new and engaging ways to teach their students and provide them with meaningful and assistive feedback. One of the newer ways in which educators can enhance their source materials and bring their subjects to life is by using Office Mix.

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What is Office Mix?

Office Mix is a free extension to PowerPoint that makes it easy to turn your PowerPoint presentations into interactive online lessons and share them with your students and colleagues in OneNote, on the web, or in your learning management system. With Office Mix, you can add:

  • Audio and video narration
  • Real-time digital inking
  • Screen recordings that show actions you take on your computer
  • Quizzes and polls
  • Simulations, videos, and live web pages

… all from within PowerPoint.


PowerPoint is free with Office 365, which is also available to students and teachers at no cost through their academic institution’s existing Microsoft Education Subscription. You can check your eligibility at

Many of you will already by using Mix as part of your lesson plans, but for those who are yet to get to grips with it, or who aren't actually aware of it, there are some great resources and tutorial videos available at Office Mix for Teachers, that explain how to get the most out of it in an educational setting and provide some scenarios to consider when planning your lessons.

Office Mix for Teachers - Interactive Online Lessons Made Simple

Publishing a mix is as easy as uploading it to the web and deciding who can view it. The people you share it with can view your mix in any web browser on any device. Office Mix shows you data about who watched your mix, how much time they spent on each slide, and how they answered your quiz and poll questions. You can even export that data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis.

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