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It has certainly been a very exciting week for all of us here at Microsoft as we officially launched Windows 10 last Wednesday. That day we shared a post from the Microsoft in Education blog that looks forward to some of the ways in which the latest version of our operating system will impact learners and educators of all ages, and now we’re pleased to be sharing another post that outlines some more of what’s new in Windows 10.

As more and more schools, colleges and universities continue to upgrade to Windows 10 we’ll be post more education-related stories that will help to further inspire students, teachers and IT administrators. If you’d like to be a part of this series of blogs over the next year then please get in touch via Twitter or Facebook, or leave a comment below.

Windows 10 is here!

Windows 10 is here! For 190 countries around the world, Windows 10 will be pre-installed on new PC’s and laptops, released as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users, and available for sale separately.

Windows 10 is an OS like no other; the foundations of development have been built upon the feedback of a core group of Windows Insiders. Early builds were pushed to members on a regular basis, with users submitting feedback and suggestions on how to make the OS the best it can be.

The result of such audience participation is a truly great OS; Windows 10 comes packed with new and greatly enhanced features straight out of the box:

Microsoft Edge

Try out Microsoft Edge - the next generation of browser - boasting blindingly fast speed and features such as Cortana integration and web notes. For more information on Microsoft Edge check out Paul Winstanley’s article.



Check out Cortana: the intelligent personal assistant has become even more powerful in Windows 10. Cortana continually learns about your traits, interests and favourite things, acting as your own personal assistant.


You asked and we delivered, the Start button returns. Its return has proven very popular with IT Pros; a recent SpiceWorks study found that the Start button was one of the most enticing features of the Windows 10 package.


Enhanced Security Features

At a time when the threat of cyber attack seems to be increasingly concerning consumers and businesses alike, Windows 10’s enhanced security features should help put some fears to bed.

Upgrade Offer

Whatever it is you chose to do with your Windows 10, remember that the upgrade offer is only valid for one-year from today! Upgrades are staggered, so fear not if you have not been able to upgrade straight away.


With all the new features and changes in Windows 10, you may wish to learn a bit more about getting started with Windows 10. Luckily there is a Microsoft Virtual Academy course on just that, try it out!

If you’d prefer a more hands on approach to Windows 10 learning why not attend one of the many events taking place over the next couple of months? Keep an eye on our events calendar.

Don’t forget we also have Future Decoded returning for a second year on November 10th-11th. Windows 10 will be one of many topics covered and it’ll be a great place to go if you want to hear more interesting stories and developments. Be sure to register now, there is very high demand and tickets are limited.

Windows 10 Articles

There are already many great Windows 10 articles on the TechNet UK Blog and we’ll be sure to keep you updated throughout the year with new announcements and interesting content. To make it even easier to find our Windows 10 content we’ve included a list below!

Windows 10 Internet of Things by Paul Winstanley
How Windows 10 will change your workplace by Ed Baker
Microsoft Edge: The new, fast browser for Windows 10 by Paul Winstanley
Windows 10 Licensing Logic by David Cattanagh
Windows 10: Ready for Business? by Harry Eagles


If you have any ideas for Windows 10 content, or anything you would like covered, feel free to email the Editor, Harry Eagles, at

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