BBC micro:bit – register to receive your device and download the Quick Start Guide for Teachers

Last week we were proud to share the announcement launching the BBC micro:bit, which forms an integral part of the broadcaster's #MakeItDigital campaign. The response from teachers, students, and tech enthusiasts has been overwhelmingly positive, and we can't wait for the micro:bit itself to start appearing in schools all over the UK.


Much of the chatter we saw on social media in the wake of the announcement last week was from teachers asking how they can obtain micro:bits for use in their classes. The pocket sized device will be gifted free to all Year 7 and equivalent students across the UK during the latter part of October, but teachers will be sent their own device in September, enabling them to get to grips with the micro:bit and plan their lessons ahead of the widespread student distribution.

Teachers are asked to complete a short form on the School Registration site for the BBC micro:bit, with the information submitted being used to ensure that your school receives its share of micro:bits when they become available. There is also the option to choose to receive further information about the micro:bit from the BBC over the summer and autumn term. The information provided will only be used to contact you with updates about the BBC micro:bit project.

We are also pleased to be able to share with you a preview of the BBC micro:bit Quick Start Guide for Teachers, compiled by Hodder Education. Including tips and advice for getting to grips with the BBC micro:bit, step-by-step coding challenges with clear solutions, and guidance on creating and sharing your own programs and tutorials, the BBC micro:bit Quick Start Guide for Teachers also features a foreword written by Jeannette M. Wing, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Research.

The guide is now available for viewing and downloading from the Microsoft Education UK SlideShare channel, or from Hodder Education.

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