OneNote for Students – Taking amazing notes with OneNote [Interactive tutorial]

Over the last few weeks we’ve been sharing the interactive tutorials from OneNote in Education that cover the basics of how to use OneNote, and now that you should know your way around we're going to look at some of the more detailed student scenarios. This particular tutorial will help you to take notes that go so much further than just being words on a page.

Taking amazing notes with OneNote

Unlike other note-taking tools, with OneNote you can take notes in whatever way is most comfortable for you – from any device. For instance, if you find handwriting your notes is more natural than typing, you can use a finger or stylus on your touch screen device. You can then even convert inked handwriting to typed text using the Ink to Text tool.

E2 - MD - 2 Another great thing about taking notes in OneNote is that you can ‘tag’ certain notes to make it easier to know what to study later on. For example if your teacher hints that something they mentioned will definitely be on a test, tag it! There are lots of different tags you can use, as well having the ability to create your own. Once you've added tags, it's easy to find and consolidate your tagged notes by clicking or tapping on Find Tags.

OneNote was designed to be fast and flexible, and you can start typing anywhere on the page. If for example you think that some notes might be better organised in a table, just hit the tab key while typing to add a column, and then hit return to add another row.

You can even use OneNote to record lectures and other audio directly into your notebook, so you can be confident you're not missing anything important. While OneNote records, you can carry on making your notes, and easily jump to the point in the recording when you made that all important key note.

All of this and more is included in the Student Scenarios tutorial from OneNote in Education, called ‘Taking amazing notes with OneNote’:

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