Computing At School – what has the impact been in your classroom?


Computing At School (CAS) will be familiar to many of you through the QuickStart Computing guide that has been helping teachers and students up and down the country with tackling Computer Science as part of the national curriculum. One of the most important things to consider when creating resources and planning courses for the teachers are the lasting effects felt by the educators and pupils working their way through these materials, and this can only be down with the feedback of those using them.

With this in mind, CAS is conducting a survey with the help of a PhD student at the Institute of Education to see how participation in the CAS online community impacts classroom teaching. We’d like to ask any teachers reading this who have used any of the CAS resources to please take a few moments to contribute their feedback and help improve the service:

Take the CAS Teacher Survey 2015

CAS teachers

Part of the doctoral research for Kristen Weatherby, (a research student at the Institute of Education, University College London), - the CAS Teacher Survey aims to study whether there is a relationship between teachers’ participation in an online community of practice and any changes made to their teaching:

“Aimed at teachers and consisting of a number of questions about their background and their use of the Computing at School (CAS) community. The survey data will be used to inform my doctoral research and will be shared with the Computing at School team so that they might make improvements to the online community. Because this research aims to study teachers’ use of the online community, the survey is designed for teachers who are currently teaching and who are members of CAS.” – Kristen Weatherby


We hope that you’ll find a moment or two to provide Kristen and the team at CAS with some honest feedback from your experiences using these resources, and help to shape the future of computing in schools.

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