Surface Hub available to order from July

Yesterday the Surface team announced that the Surface Hub will be available to order from July 1st.

The product of three years work, the Surface Hub is a collaboration device designed from the ground up with group productivity in mind. The new world of possibilities Surface Hub presents for large-screen apps built for ink and touch makes it absolutely perfect for education. Whether it’s simply picking up the pen to launch the digital whiteboard or starting a Skype meeting with one tap, this device will enhance every classroom or lecture theatre.

The Hub beautifully marries Windows 10, Skype, OneNote, Surface and more all together for the perfect classroom/staffroom environment. Imagine hosting TeachMeets on the Hub. Imagine teachers starting their class just by walking up to the device, with motion sensing. Imagine students playing Minecraft on a 55” inch screen. Classrooms – and education in general - are some of the most collaborative and peer-driven environments we can work in. When you unlock the power of the group, the possibilities in education are truly endless.

Surface Hub

For a more in depth look at the Surface Hub and ordering information, please refer to yesterday’s blog post by the Surface team. For a visual demonstration of what Surface Hub is capable of, please see the video below:

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