Teaching with Technology Tutorials – Free tools for different learning styles

One of the challenges facing educators – and students – is the way that each individual will have their own style of learning that works be for them. We say it's a challenge, but looked at with optimism rather than pessimism, and it's clear that this presents and opportunity for everyone in the classroom to get creative in what they do, whether it is teaching or learning. This week’s Teaching with Technology mini-tutorials focus on this theme, looking at some of the free tools available online that can be used in a number of different ways to personalise and enhance first time learning and revision.


Just in time learning with Microsoft Tag

Accessing and managing digital information are key skills in school, university and today’s knowledge- based economy. More and more students have access to their own mobile device like tablets or smartphones. These tools can be of great value both as receptive or productive devices. They can be used to connect students with rich learning content.

Using QR (Quick Response) codes can help learners access embedded content like webpages, text, video and audio supporting personalized learning opportunities. With Microsoft Tag teachers can produce QR codes that are editable and manageable.

In this tutorial you will:

  1. Learn about the advantages of using QR codes and Microsoft Tag to support learning.
  2. Learn how to create, edit and distribute Microsoft Tag.
  3. Learn how to scan and read created QR codes.


Using free tools for different learning styles

Learning can occur in many different ways. Students have different learning styles and it is up to teachers to prepare learning activities that cater for different preferences. But often educators teach in the same way they learn missing the opportunity to maximize the learning experience for their students.

This tutorial is designed for educators who want to use technology in their teaching to address learners with different learning styles.

In this tutorial you will:

  1. Use StickySorter for brainstorming and organizing ideas to promote critical thinking and collaborative skills.
  2. Compose a song with Songsmith and use it to teach abstract concepts.
  3. Create a collage with AutoCollage to explain difficult concepts in a visual way.


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