OneNote for Students – Working faster with OneNote [Interactive Tutorial]

E2 - MD - 2 It may sound cliché, but all students are individuals. No matter what age they are, whether they are at primary schools, sixth form college or university, they will each have their own ways of note taking and studying that work for them. Being able to enjoy the flexibility of creating and organising notes, homework, assignments and other study materials in a way that suits their own learning style, while retaining the ability to collaborate with teachers and other students from the same workspace is one of the key strengths of OneNote.

OneNote is available at no cost to teachers and students through Office 365 Pro Plus Benefit

A few weeks ago we shared the first of many video tutorials available for teachers and students wanting to get started on with OneNote. This blog covers the next interactive tutorial in the series, which builds upon the basics learned in the first video (which if you missed it, can be found here) and looks at some of the ways you can work faster within OneNote by:

  • Searching and tagging notebooks
  • Using page templates

By virtue of the creative freedom on OneNote, you can use your OneNote notebook(s) in any way that you want, for any number of different purposes. And they don’t even have to be related to your studies either. Running an after school club, a sports team, or keeping track of bills and rent within shared student housing can all be made a lot simpler and collaborative through the use of OneNote.

Tagging items within your various notebooks, using the powerful search function, creating and using templates, automatically sending webpages to OneNote and whole lot more are covered in this Student Basics video:

For more OneNote tutorials for students, teachers and administrators, please visit OneNote in Education.

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