Free eBook on devices in education – ‘Using 1:1 to Unlock Learning’

One to One Computing in education is the simple concept of every child and member of staff in a school or institution having access to a personal computer. Over the years, the definitions have evolved to replace the words ‘personal computer’ with ‘laptop’ and more recently ‘device’. A device might include a laptop, netbook, handheld machine or tablet.

One to One (1:1) is not a new concept. It has been around and promoted for a number of years but only in recent times has it has started to become mainstream as devices have become more readily available and affordable. At the same time school leaders and policy makers have really started to see the value and impact of 1:1 computing on pupil motivation and raising attainment. Indeed 1:1 Computing is increasingly seen by education visionaries as a key component within the bigger picture of how we deliver education to young people.

Anthony Salcito, the VP of Education Worldwide at Microsoft, describes this as an evolution from a traditional (industrialised) approach, through the automated and access age, to an age of holistic transformation

With a foreword from Ollie Bray, head teacher at Kingussie High School in Scotland, the following eBook looks at how a 1:1 strategy can be successfully and considerately deployed within schools and colleges, enabling both teachers and students get the most out of devices in education.

The aims of this eBook are to:

  • Enhance the understanding of the benefits of 1:1 Learning, ICT and technology in the school improvement process.
  • Provide practical information on what needs to be considered before any 1:1 deployment.
  • Give teachers and school leaders the confidence to embrace 1:1 deployment by considering appropriate approaches to learning and teaching.
  • Reinforce the importance of infrastructure, policy, and safe and responsible use in any 1:1 deployment.
  • Encourage school leaders and teachers to consider future learning scenarios in a 1:1 environment
  • Improve advice on how academic institutions might tackle some of the common challenges encountered when trying to deploy 1:1 Learning Environments.


This eBook, and many more, can be found on the Microsoft Education UK SlideShare account, where there are also plenty of other great education resources such as videos, presentations, case-studies, and whitepapers.

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